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As you all probably know Croatia’s natural beauty is featured in the Game of Thrones series on countless occasions. Diocletian’s Palace is an ancient palace built for the Roman Emperor Diocletian at the end of the 3rd Century and is located in Croatia’s second-largest city, Split. The Palace doubles as the former slave city of Meereen and it was the setting for numerous scenes with Daenerys.

Where is the Game of Thrones museum in Split?

Split is full of recognizable locations but a Game of Thrones museum is open with more than 100 exhibits showcasing the magic of the show.
Minutes away from the Diocletian’s cellars where Daenerys kept her dragons chained, the newly-opened museum comprises 300 square-meters of interior space.
This Museum will drop fans into the center of the Seven Kingdoms for a personal look at authentic props, sumptuous costumes, real size figures, weapons, city dioramas, set, and excellent photo opportunities. The GOT museum has dark walls, adding to the macabre atmosphere that is well present in the series and the interior is filled with the smell of cedar trees, jasmine flowers, lavender plants, and ether oils, contributing even further to the mystical vibe.

The last known living dragon is welcoming visitors into the museum with his cavernous jaws break through a wall. This is no coincidence as the location where Daenerys kept her dragons is just a minutes’ walk away in the ancient Diocletian cellar. You can see the desk of the Hand of the King, swords of Valerian steel, and many life-sized character statues, from Daenerys (small, but mighty), Jon Snow, Tyrion, to portrayed Hodor holding the door.

Walking through the museum’s five themed rooms after a variety of fantasy locations, the visitors start at Meereen which is inspired by Split, move to King’s Landing, inspired by Dubrovnik, and then go north: to Winterfell, Beyond the wall, and to Weirwood Tree, where they literally enter the tree. The exhibits range from helmets to swords, skulls, costumes, city models, set items, and the full armor of the King’s Guards.

You can find the Game of Thrones museum in Split at Bosanska Ulica 9, open daily between 9 AM and 10 PM. You can also book expert storytellers to guide you around the museum. The official Game Of Thrones souvenir shop sits just outside the building.

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